Porsche Boxster 2013

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This is the best windscreen / windblocker / wind deflector / windstop you can get for your Porsche Boxster 2013. Enjoy the best of top-down driving again with a Windblox Convertible Windscreen.
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Porsche Boxster 2013

Porsche Boxster 2013

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Highest rated Porsche Boxster 2013 windscreen by windscreenreview.net:

Performance: 6.4 / 7.0

Value: 6.3 / 7.0

Service: 6.3 / 7.0

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Definitely a leader in service and quality.
Definitely a leader in service and quality. There product, from the two windscreens I compared, is much because of the higher rounded top. Other products are shorter and don't cut down the noise or air as much. This one definitely does all that and more. I think it even adds to the aesthetics of my vehicle. (Posted on 8/8/15)

Review by Leah

Great product at a fair price
Great product at a fair price. There is a company or two that charges less for this product, but I've only bought from Windblox, and their service is unprecedented, their windscreens are amazing, and their variety is outstanding. I enjoy every second I ride in the car with Windblox protecting me. Kudos to Windblox - you have my loyalty to your company. (Posted on 8/8/15)

Review by Nathan

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